Waxing verses shaving is an entirely different issue, so let’s just assume you have made the switch from shaving to waxing and now you are in the limbo of where is the best place to get the most dreaded wax, the Brazilian. I had my first wax done in the back room of a nail shop, in a strip mall, worst decision ever. Not only did it hurt terribly because she kept going over the same areas over and over (I was so swollen I could barely walk the next day)  but she also got wax on my new shirt that I had just spent $60 bucks on. Lesson learned that day, no more waxing in nail salons. After the insane swelling went down I realized that I love the long lasting aspect of waxing verses shaving and after a few months I was looking for a new place to go for my next wax. For my second attempt, I went to an actual salon and spa. The wax was decently priced, $45, only $5 more than my whacked nail shop job. I went to this salon I believe 3, or 4 times and then it closed. Great. Now I had to find somewhere else all over again!

But wait… there was a new waxing salon that specialized in the Brazilian opening up that was getting a lot of positive feedback in online reviews and discussions called, The Pretty Kitty. Not only was their name adorable and sassy, but when you arrive at one of their locations (I have been to two locations here in California, Rancho and Eastvale) the whole decor is feminine, calming, and flat out fabulous. Everything is pink, white and black with feminine wall paper and crystals dripping off the light fixtures.  Since I have went to more than one location, I have had several different wax specialist and all of them have done a top notch job. The price for the Brazilian at pretty kitty is $55.00

After finding the perfect location for a wax, why in the world would I go anywhere else? Mainly because pretty kitty is about 20 minutes from my home and 5 minutes away we had an, European wax center open. I figured what the heck, the location is so much easier and they are cheaper, $47 for the Brazilian. I have had 3 Brazilians done here and I’m over it. It is worth it to drive further and pay more. Besides price and location the only other leg up that European has is their booking online system is very simple verses calling, which you need to do for pretty kitty. Here are the reasons I choose pretty kitty over European wax center.

  1. the up selling – you cannot go into European Wax center without them hounding you to buy a package of waxes, or a product. Instead of selling me something I actually need they just want to up sell whatever to make an extra buck. My hair grows very slow, so why try to sell me the slow down lotion? What a waste, do I look dumb, no I just look like dollar signs.
  2. I don’t think hard wax works as well – European uses hard wax and even though they say it hurts less, I find it takes forever. It seems pretty kitty might hurt more, but it’s so quick you can deal with it. European takes so long it’s awkward and uncomfortable.
  3. they make you change in front of them – weird. At any other place I have ever been waxed the technician steps out of the room while you change and then knocks to come in. Not at European wax center. They stand in the room and wait for you to get on the table. Just awkward to me.
  4. hard wax sucks – sorry to be a broken record but even having them do my upper lip last time there was hair left over. What’s the point of being waxed if you need to go home and touch it up yourself?

Everyone is different and I can only speak from my own experience. I have not been paid or given any discounts for my reviews and am not affiliated with either company.



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