Halloween Time at Disneyland

Each year Disneyland comes out with fantastic seasonal merchandise. In my latest vlog I share with you some of the seasonal offerings at the Disneyland resort.


Pie’s Pinup Closet – Featuring deals from Amazon

One of the frequent questions I get when ladies want to start dressing pinup is, "Isn't it expensive?" It can be, but have no fear, pinup shopping is at your fingertips with the help of http://www.amazon.com In my latest, Pie's Pinup Closet, I share with you some great deals from amazon. thanks for watching

Pie’s Pinup Closet

Hey everyone, recently I started a new feature on my YouTube channel called, Pie's Pinup Closet. Each week I will be featuring a different brand, and/or type of clothing and giving you an honest review. Also, while I review my items I am deciding what to keep, and what to sell on poshmark. While I am…

My recent trip to Epcot at Walt Disney World

Earlier this year I was able to visit the best Disney park, Epcot! Here are a few videos! One is the classic and crazy (and corny yes) Journey into the imagination with Figment, another is featuring Future World, and last but not least my favorite section, The World Showcase. What's your favorite park of Epcot?