10 small observations during my big change. (1)

As some of you may or may not know, in the last 7 weeks we have went to a household of two, to four. Ian and myself have become foster parents to a now 3 month (was 6 weeks when he was placed) and 3 year old, boy and girl, sibling set. Here are some small observations I have made upon doubling the occupancy in our home.

  • I am so glad my dishwasher has a top rack wash. The dishwasher runs at least once or twice a day.
  • Three year olds (at least this one) are always hungry
  • My hands are super dry. Seriously, I must wash them a million times a day. Totally on the look out for some new lotion, suggestions?
  • No matter how late, or how much coffee I drink I no longer have trouble falling asleep at night.
  • Playhouse Disney isn’t that bad or annoying, and I prefer watching it over binge watching a kids show on Netflix because the same plot lines over and over will drive you bonkers.
  • My laundry is never, ever done
  • No matter how you try to plan around a babies nap and feeding schedule for something, they will always throw you a curve ball.
  • I am totally shocked I was able to write this blog.
  • I love nap time.
  • Fostering is fun, rewarding,but I need a nap too.
  • Did I mention I love nap time?

I hope you enjoyed my small observations, and  I am sure i will have some more soon!



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