When we went to Disney world last month I came across many more interesting comments that I usually do at Disneyland. One I think this is due to how many tourists visit WDW and two is because so many more people dress up at the parks here in Southern California. In no particular order, here are my favorite funny or cute comments.

  1. “It’s so nice to see a natural red head again.” – photo pass photographer at Hollywood Studios
  2. “Now that’s a nice dress.” – young boy referring to my Mary Blair planes dress (hopefully converted a PUG fan that day)
  3. “What a nice costume” – several people, several different days.
  4. “If boys are ‘Dapper Dans what are the girls called?” – cast member at the Polynesian
  5. “Have you heard of dapper day?” Several people on several different days
  6. “Do you really dress like this everyday?” – cast member
  7. “Wow, you are really serious about this. I wish I could take your photo.” – Animal Kingdom, Cast member
  8. “Did you make that?” – I get this all the darn time.
  9. “Do you work here?” – tourists
  10. “I wish I could dress like that.” Random people, and ladies, you all can!

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