I Love Lucy is a classic comedy that will live on forever thru re-runs and endless references in our modern times, and of course all the memorabilia you can purchase.

According to Wikipedia;

The pilot, never having been broadcast, is generally not counted as one of the episodes (and therefore is not listed below). It is, however, viewable in DVD releases of the first season.

The first episode, “The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub,” aired on October 15, 1951 and was filmed on September 15, 1951. I find it interesting how quick it aired after being filmed. It was written by, Jess Oppenheimer, Madelyn Pugh and Bob Carroll, Jr.and directed by Marc Daniels. It stars,  Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, and William Frawley.

The episode opens with Lucy and Ethel in Lucy’s kitchen washing up after dinner. Ethel tells Lucy that she wants to go to the Copacabana for her anniversary. They make a plan to be extra sweet to the boys, so that they will agree to take them. At the same time, Ricky and Fred and discussing the upcoming anniversary and of course Fred wants to go to a boxing match, so they decide to sweet talk the girls in order to get them to agree to go.

After everyone is being extra sweet (except Fred to Ethel, poor thing) it is discovered that everyone has an ulterior motive and after a quick fight, mainly between Ricky and Lucy over the power struggle of where to go, Lucy says the girls are going to get dates and go to the Copacabana without them. Ricky and Fred decide that they will go the fights and storm out to go have some beers in Fred’s apartment.

Ricky starts to be nervous about the girls getting dates and calls a girl that he knows to set them up with dates so they can go spy on the girls and their dates. Lucy frantically calls all her old boyfriends and finds many dead ends including, Paul who now has seven children. Lucy gets an idea to call the same girl, Jenny Jones to get dates. Jenny tells Lucy that Ricky already called. Lucy then decides they will dress in disguise, setting the stage of something used often in Lucy episodes,  and be the boys dates.

After the commercial break we see Fred and Ricky waiting in Ricky’s apartment nervously for their dates. Instead of the beautiful blondes they asked for, in comes Ethel and Lucy dressed very shabby and with missing teeth and so on. After some of Lucy’s classic comedy of dancing around and being a goof, Ricky excuses him and Fred to the kitchen and explains to Fred that those girls, are in fact their wives.

Fred and Ricky tell the girls to go change and they will celebrate the anniversary all together after all, sadly for Lucy and Ethel, they end up at the boxing match.

Can we stop and just look at these amazing dresses and coats the ladies are in. Also, I love how all the men have on hats. Everyone looks so classy to watch the fight. In our modern times when you dress this “fancy” people think you are wearing a costume! It never ceases to amaze me how far we have come from wearing diamonds and pearls on a regular basis down to yoga pants and a hooded sweatshirt. As I re watch all these episodes I am very much looking forward to the fashion.

Overall this episode is in the middle for me. Not one of my favorites, but still a great classic episode. Several episodes I feel have aired more than others and this one I can remember seeing several times thru my childhood and adult life.


See you soon for episode 2 season one. 


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