One of my bucket lists items is to visit all the states in the U.S. My husband suggested we get Louisiana knocked off our list and we headed to New Orleans last May. We stayed at the beautiful Harrah’s hotel which is located across the street from the casino. The hotel also hold the original Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. The lobby was clean and decorated in a cross between modern luxury and southern charm. When we arrived the first thing we both notice is that southern hospitality is no joke, and all the staff were kind and helpful.

Recently Louisiana passed a no smoking law for their casinos. This really made lounging and playing in the casino more enjoyable for us non smokers. Since the ordinance had just passed, we witness many of the employees constantly having to remind patrons of the new rule. Another benefit we had visiting Harrah’s in New Orleans was use of the diamond lounge. The diamond lounge is a perk that Harrah’s gives to diamond or seven star card members (learn more Harrah’s Total Rewards) which includes bonuses like travel accommodations for free or discount and gambling credit and so on. The diamond lounges in Harrah’s properties very from drink with a popcorn machine (ours here in California is a bust) to full on menu cafe (New Orleans!) with table service. Just about each day we would go into the diamond lounge and get a snack and a beverage.

The Diamond Lounge at Harrah’s 

Something else that was on my “to do” list was to get my glass from Hard Rock Cafe. We are not big into collecting knick knacks but I got onto the kick of collecting these glasses a few years back after getting on at Hard Rock Cafe Lake Tahoe and now we have Vegas, Tampa, and Honolulu, to name a few. The cafe was nice and recently renovated. We even took a bike cab from Harrah’s to Hard Rock Cafe and back which was another perk of getting into the spirit of life in that area of New Orleans. Here I am next to a display about one of my favorite rockers, Shirley Manson from Garbage.

Besides Hard Rock Cafe we made a pact to not eat any chain restaurants and we tried many local hole in the walls that had fantastic fried chicken, red beans and rice and jambalaya. Another stop we made was Sucre, a lovely little dessert shop with several locations throughout Louisiana. It was so tasty, below you can see the vast array of dessert options. Totally random, but when we went to Florida in October we met some people in line for the new Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train from Louisiana, and his aunt actually is part owner in this company. It’s a small, small world.

Our last day in town we went to the National WWII Museum, which is located in the museum district, and very close to the Harrah’s property.

Here is some information about the museum from their website;

The National WWII Museum’s exhibits cover the epic and global scale of the war that changed the world, in a voice that is intimate and personal right in the heart of New Orleans. Exhibits not only highlight the role of world leaders, but also the everyday men and women who found the strength and courage to accomplish the extraordinary.

Currently housed in three buildings, each arranged around central themes of the war, Museum exhibits offer visitors an opportunity to experience the war through the eyes of the men and women who lived it. Interactives, oral histories and personal vignettes add a meaningful perspective.


I hope we get to visit this lovely state again soon. We had a wonderful time.


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