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Ian and I attended Viva Las Vegas, for the first time this past April. We were slightly overwhelmed and undecided at what events to attend and how to plan for our trip. We opted to just go to the shopping expo, and the car show for it being our first time, and not too sure if we would be interested in going to any other events such as, Pool Parties, Bowling, and classes. Looking back I am really glad that we just stuck to the shopping and car show. I blogged more about my overall Viva trip here. Also, the photographer I shot with, Tara O, blogged about our Viva photo shoot here. Here once, again, are a few of the shots from the shoot.

After I booked the shoot, they told me no men allowed, since ladies would be changing and what not. Understanding that might make some uncomfortable, but also assuming they would have a changing room, or some area of the house not being used, I was bummed that my husband would have to drop me off and then come back later. The shoot was at a house off the strip and not being familiar with the area mixed with having a few beverages before the shoot, I did not want to drive. Ian dropped me off and to my surprise, there were guys there. Tara did apologize and said it was someone from another shoot and what not. Still it started my experience off with a little nerves, but they all settled down when the hair, make up and photographer were all so nice. The shots were great and I felt fabulous with my make up and hair for the rest of the night while we had dinner and spent some time on the Casino floor.

Hair: Danielle at Hair or Dye Salon
MUA: Kandy K
Dresses: Pinup Girl Clothing

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