Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Not just because I can get pumpkin flavored anything, but because the fall colors have a warm and soothing appeal. Fall decorating has been something I’ve enjoyed adding into my home over the years and I hope you enjoy my Disneyland House – Fall Edition

I bought this Duffy Halloween Bear a few years ago at the Park. The tin is from Tokyo Disney and bought for me by my sister when she lived in Japan
  On my fire place I just placed a few apples that I bought at the Dollar Tree. You will notice many of my fall decorations are from there. The pumpkins on the hearth I bought on clearance a few years ago from Nordstrom. Here is a close up of the mantel. The fall flower candle holder was a gift from my old boss, many moons ago.
This is a new edition to my Fall Décor. I scored this adorable knitted Pumpkin at a craft sale a few weeks ago.  I have had this sign so long, I am not really sure where I got it. This year I hung it on the back of my guestroom bathroom.
All the cute window clings on the mirror are from the Dollar Store. The Pumpkin candle holder had a top, but it broke a few years back. The glass pumpkin I bought at target last year. I use it in my guest bath to hold bath products.
  This cute kitty jack o lantern is from Nordstrom More Dollar Store clings. I love them!
This “thankful” Pumpkin is also from the Dollar Tree. The pillows shown below I bought at Joann’s.

I just added some fall leaves to some vases I have out in my dinning room all year long.

The ghost mickey was bought at Disneyland a few years ago. The scarecrow is from Home Interiors (maybe 2002!) and the Jack O Lantern is my Fall Scentsy. Love it!

I change my scents along with the season.

My Mickey Trick or Treat Candy Holder is from the Parks, maybe 3 or 4 years ago. The Tin is from 2011 Tokyo Japan.

Here are a few more Dollar Store Decorations I bought this year.
This Mickey is one of my all time favorite scores from the Disney Store. He has several difference cutouts that vary from the pumpkin and turkey show to American Flag, Birthday Cake, Heart and even a Shamrock.
I hope you enjoyed my Fall Décor! Next month it will be all about the Disney Christmas!


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