HappyPlaceWhitePrint (3)Welcome to my next installment of my Robinson Disney House tour. If you are new to the tour, you can always check out the previous post here.

Today I share with you Main Street USA, also knows as, my entry way. I possibly should have started with Main Street, being that it is the entrance to Disneyland, and my home, but I was too excited to share with you my Little Mermaid bathroom that I got side tracked. We have lived in our house since 2007, and this area has always been Main Street USA, but recently it got a bit of a facelift thanks to my pinterest binging.

We recently re painted the area, Churchill Navajo White by Valspar. The trim is Swiss coffee also by Valspar. I bought the park bench from Amazon, and thought it would be reminiscent of sitting on a bench on Main Street in Disneyland. Some of my new artwork I bought on etsy and the frames are from Ikea. On each side of the door you can see I have the silloettes that Ian and I had made on Main St. many moons ago. The above file is an image of a quote from Walt’s opening day speech.  I also bought on etsy but still need to take it to get printed. One of those tasks that is always lingering and doesn’t get accomplished; I am sure everyone has something similar on their to do list as well.

My Mickey welcome sign was purchased at the Disney store several years ago. The neat thing about this piece is it comes with seasonal enhancements (like a snowflake, pumpkin, heart and so on) so you can change it through the year.

When we bought the house in 2007, I had this special photo done (also from Disney store) to commemorate the day we closed on our home. Purchasing this house was a very special day for us, we got to watch it be built and pick out all of our interiors and when it finally closed and became ours was a life changing event for us.


 After taking these photos, I realized perhaps I should have vacuumed and straightened the rug. Oh well! I guess it makes my house look lived in.

Also, the doll on the green chest of drawers is from Epcot. I bought it in 2007 I believe. I hope you enjoyed Main Street USA! Check back soon for more Disneyland House updates.


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