Oh Pinup Girl clothing, how I love you. If I counted the ways, I would be up all night and day. Last year I had a great experience at the Pinup Girl yard sale. I bought so many goodies, for such a good price it was insane. I bought 5 dresses, and three shirts (shown below) for a fraction of the price, and was only there waiting in line for about 45 minutes before being let in to shop.

159 160 161

This year, totally different story. People lined up super early, and the line was ridiculous. They got their first, I get it, first dibs. Sadly, after speaking to some of the women that had arrived early, they didn’t have much luck finding merchandise either. Here is why, pinup girl has so many items to put out they put them out in increments throughout the sale. This means, first come, is not really your best bet. I waited in line for hours, and by the time I got in there was not much out in my size. I waited around for them to bring more out, but once you have been waiting in line outside for hours, it seems weird to me to just stand around inside. I left with one dress, the pink Monica. It might seem like a great score, but sadly no. They didn’t have my 2X size so I bought the 3X because I was determined to not leave empty handed. I wore it once; too big, the Monica is supposed to be tight. Oh well. I will re sell it online after I dry-clean it. I did end up seeing some pinup friends at the sale, so it was not a total waste of time.

Everyone’s experience at the yard sale this year was vastly different. The girl I met behind me in line ended up staying around an extra 30 minutes and left with tons (in my size too shoot) clothes. It is very hit and miss. Here are some things I learned from my two yard sale experiences.

Come late.

Yeah you heard me right. Come late. Each time I go, by the time I am done shopping the line has withered and women are just allowed walk on in.

Go with a shopping buddy

Both times I went with my husband, which is nice, but it would be nice to have a girlfriend that maybe had a little more patience to just stand around.

Bring snacks and water bottles

Just in case you do not get to walk right in. It would be nice to have a couple snacks and some water while you wait. I learned this the first time and it really helped this last time around.


 Stephanie, Me and Tara at the yard sale

Me wearing the Pink Monica at a graduation party last June.

(Please note the other dude I am kissing on the check is my cousins son LOL no funny business)

055 097


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