Ian and I attended Viva Las Vegas, for the first time this past April. We were slightly overwhelmed and undecided at what events to attend and how to plan for our trip. We opted to just go to the shopping expo, and the car show for it being our first time, and not too sure if we would be interested in going to any other events such as, Pool Parties, Bowling, and classes. Looking back I am really glad that we just stuck to the shopping and car show. There were many things to do in Vegas in general, and I think many of the other events would be more enjoyable if we were in a group. One of the best things about gambling in Vegas verses the Indian Casinos at home are the wide assortment of new slot machines. My favorite by far was the Mad Men slot (shown above) because I have an unhealthy addiction to that show. I am obsessed!

The first night of Viva I had a photo shoot with Tara O photography. You can see the photos from that shoot here.


After I was all dolled up from the photo shoot Ian and I went to dinner at our hotel. We stayed at the Palazzo and the room, dinning options and casino were all very beautiful.

View from our hotel room

The second day of Viva we went to check out the New Orleans casino and to do some shopping there. The in door shopping was a little crowded and underwhelming. Lots of t shirt types and what not. There were these cute shoes from one vendor I liked that were vintage reproductions but for being made in China were a little pricy. Stop starring was at the indoor bazaar so I did buy a few cute things from them. Also, another shop I follow on Instagram was there and I was able to check out her booth and get a few things. While Ian played blackjack at the casino there I did some good people watching and saw a few of the ladies that I follow online. Everyone seems to know one another, so if you are a newbie I can see how you can start to feel left out. I have one aquintence that told me to text her when I got to viva and thought maybe I could meet up with her and buy her a drink, but she was so busy with all the activities that the timing was never right. The highlight of day two was getting to meet my favorite pin up blogger, Miss. Victory Violet. She was super sweet, and she was running (and won) Miss. Viva Las Vegas that year! Congratulations for her!


Saturday was car show day….

This was where all the real shopping was! Yippie for that! I got a few items from Pinup Girl clothing booth, a corset from a handmade corset booth, and finally got my hands on the Flamingo skirt from the oblong box shop.

Me and Ian the day of the car show

We did have some friends that drove out for car show day, but by the time they got to the car show we were about to leave. Once again, bad timing.


One of my favorite cars at the car show
Super cute car from the show

Ian and I went out to dinner together that night and I wore one of my new dresses from Stop Starring. One of my new favorites for sure! I do not have to wear a bra with it and it is very flattering. Love the color and the material is strearchy but also maintains shape well. At the end of the trip we decided we would go to Viva again next year, and I am looking forward to doing a photoshoot again as well. I am also crossing my fingers that some of my new pinup friends I have met in the last year or so might attend as well.

New Dress from Stop Starring Clothing


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