If you are familiar with Disney properties you will know they are notorious for their character dinning options. Makahiki — The Bounty of the Islands (which I kept calling Goofy’s kitchen the entire trip, showing my Southern California roots) is the character breakfast at Disney’s Aulani in Hawaii. The best part of doing character dinning is not having to stand in line with characters while you are at the parks. Since character lines are not too much of an issue at Aulani, mainly you do it to make sure you get a photo of you and Mickey during your stay, since you are at DISNEY’S Aulani after all. This was my second time at the breakfast, and my experience wasn’t much better. In fact, if we did not have a large group with four kids that had not been, we would have skipped Makahiki. The buffet food is good, but I am not a big buffet fan, so I can’t say it’s fabulous. No buffet to me is. I like to sit and relax and visit with my group while I am going out to eat, which in a buffet people are always getting up and down and you can’t really sit and linger and relax.

Now let’s talk the character side of the experience. Poor. You get to have a photo with Mickey before you eat. This line is a little long because everyone else that is waiting to be seated is also taking photos. They move the line along, but they do let large groups take as many photos as they like. Usually it is only me and Ian (my husband) so we hate getting suck behind a large group who takes a million photos. For once, we got to be that loud obnoxious group of 10 and take whatever photos we wanted. Now the downside of this is that they do not automatically add these photos to your photo pass card. You need to buy a photo package from Makahiki, and THEN they will add them to your photo pass card. We did add them to our photopass, and they did let us add the whole group section.

The character breakfast lacked characters! It was only Minnie and Goofy. I did not even get a chance to get a goofy photo, and the kids got restless with waiting so we did get Minnie, but even she felt very rushed. Unless you tell yourself you really HAVE to do it, I would skip Makahiki and go to either the quick serve or sit and enjoy the view at AMA’ AMA’.

Photo 0100

Photo 0102


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