Ian and I took some photos before our vow renewal, and it was so hot I was melting and felt pretty miserable. Thankfully being a sun set ceremony, the sun was starting to go down after the cereomny and we were able to get some shots, and avoid being over heated. I was very thankful for the beautiful day in the end, even with the heat, because several days on our vacation it rained on and off throughout the day. After our short and sweet ceremony was completed, Ian and I took some couples photos around the resort and the nearby private beach. Here are some of my favorite shots from, Chrissy Lambert.

One of my favorite photos of myself, because it has my number one person right with me.
My favorite solo photo of Ian. We bought this hat at the resort, and it was a great purchase. Looks fabulous on him.
Nearby beach. Was a little rocky, and had to ditch my shoes, but made for some great photos
He makes me feel like a princes, each and every day.
So Happy Together
Wish I was here right now!
Loved my flowers! Can you see the hidden mickey?
Beautiful sky, for a beautiful time
We love Aulani!
Silly with Stich
Aulani was a great setting for our special anniversary

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