kissthebride When Ian and I got married 15 years ago (photo, left) we had a small courthouse ceremony and went to dinner after at Claim Jumper, visited my sick grandmother in the hospital and then went to play miniature golf at Castle Park. What a swanky day, no? Well we were 18 and 20  years old (not even legal drinking age) and it was a perfect day for us at the time. As the years went by we talked about possibly renewing our vows at some points. In the beginning, I was against the idea, we were already married and I didn’t see the point. Time changes you and at our 13 wedding anniversary I was ready to plan something special for our 15th.

The first decision to be made was where, and for us, it had to be something Disney. We debated the cruise, Disneyland, Disney world and Disney’s Aulani. When we visited Aulani in 2013 it was decided, this was the location for us. Over the next two years we saved for the vacation and the ceremony and let our family and friends know what we were planning in case they wanted to attended. We invited 50 people and at the ceremony ended up with 10 (including ourselves, you always include yourselves in the head count when dealing with Disney) and we had a nice ceremony at Sunset Alcove, which is no longer offered on the Disney Wedding site, but possibly one could still have an event there I am sure. I realized once you get them on the phone (and your deposit) you get much more information and options. Disney Wedding packages are set up in two categories, Escape (for 18 guests or less) and Wishes (18 and more). When we started planning we had a larger number RSVP and were considered a Wishes package. At this time we had a different ceremony location and a cocktail hour and reception site. As the months went on and the date got closer we had several families have to back out, and we were under the 18 so we had to switch to the Escape package, which is a ceremony only and no reception. Our wedding coordinator, Nicole, knew how much I really wanted a wedding cake and so on, so we still had a smaller one made and they delivered it to our restaurant, AMA AMA. Nicole also took some of the flowers from our aisle runners and brought them decorated our table with them as well. Which was lovely. I will show more of the décor and about the ceremony in my next post.

Lobby of Hotel

For today, here are some photos of Ian and I before the ceremony taken around the Aulani Resort




Lots of kissing photos XOXO
I like this photo because you can see my new shoes

Our wedding photographer was provided by Disney Aulani and we just added extra time. They gave me a choice between around 3-4 photographers and Chrissy’s portfolio seemed the most carefree and fit our personalities best. My dress is the Monica by Pin up Girl Clothing. My shoes are the Chrissy (funny it’s my photographers name) by J Renee . My hair piece was a custom piece done by NicCoCoCreations. Hair and make up done by Breathe Hawaii. Ian’s hat was bought at the gift shop in Aulani, his shirt and pants are both by Tommy Bahama.

Chilling at one of our favorite spots – The ‘Ōlelo Room



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