Feeling like a million bucks is every girls dream, and dreams do some true at Pussycat Pinups. I was referred to Beth, at Pussycat Pinups from Tara Alexander, my hairdresser, who also works with Beth (and there is another hair dresser that Beth also uses for shoots) at her photo shoots. Besides being a great photographer, Beth is also a make up artists and makes sure you look fabulous in every shot.

Being my first photo shoot I was a little nervous, but as soon as Beth gets behind her camera she lights up with enthusiasm and shows you several different poses to mimic. I found it pretty easy to follow and the resulting photos I was very pleased with! Her studio is located in Huntington Beach and is very easy to locate. At the studio she has several different areas set up to shoot in and also has a few clothing and accessories, but she wants you to bring your own things, so that you look individual in the shoot. She is also big on not having to many props because she wants you to be the focus of the photo, not the prop(s). The evening of my shoot Beth emailed me a link to a website where I could instantly download all my photos for viewing, and save on my home computer. In her packages she also includes a set amount to be retouched (the photos below have been) and when you select which ones for her to edit, she was very quick on sending them back.

The entire process was very easy and something I recommend every women doing at least once in their lives. Follow Pussycat Pinups on Instagram to keep up to date with the different specials she offers. Her packages are affordable and include hair and make up.

Here are some of my favorite shots from our photo shoot.

DSC_0471edit DSC_0462edit DSC_0448edit DSC_0417edit DSC_0414edit DSC_0354edit DSC_0337edit DSC_0309edit IMG_9371


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