Spring Dapper Day Expo was an overwhelming improvement on the Fall expo in September. There were countless vendors, and it was so crowded many of the booths I was looking for, I simply could not even locate. I hope that in the Fall they expand to a second ballroom to give more shopping space. The photo booth was amazing! I thought the Fall 2014 photo booth was cute as well, but the Spring set up was so adorable.

Here is the fall backdrop:

Fall Dapper Day 2014

At the fall event I wore lace gloves from amazon, yellow bag is from Marc Jacobs, and the shrug is something I knitted myself. The purple dress is something I bought around Easter at Nordstrom six or seven years ago. Hair style by Tara Alexander, The Red Pinup Doll.

Spring Backdrop:

Me and Jackie Wallace. My beautiful pinup friend who I met at the Fall Dapper Day, and we were able to meet up for a photo op at this event. She is always a joy to see at different events. 

Me and Ian at the fall Gala. Dress by Tatyana, purse by Kate Spade.

In this lovely group photo is my sister Amanda and my niece Haley. Amanda’s dress is from torrid and Haley’s was specially made for her.

I enjoyed the vendors (that I was able to see) and the varied from Pin Up Girl clothing to small independent etsy shops. The best find of the day was a vintage fur coat, which I tried out early in the day and later went back to purchase in the afternoon. It’s amazing soft and luxurious. Below is a photo of me in the coat from my pin up photo shoot with Pussycat Pinups.

My lovely new fur coat from the Dapper Day Expo


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