Looking up Pinup blogs this week I came across Pinup Persuasion, and she has some great posts. Here is my recent favorite about finding the perfect red lipstick. In the blog she talks about Besame, which I love and sport their Besame Red shade frequently.

Pin Up Persuasion

Over the last few years, I have been trying tirelessly to find the quintessential pinup red lipstick. In my eyes, the ideal red for my fair skin tone is definitely blue based, so I always to steer clear of the reds with orange hues. Let me caution you to be prepared to pick up the tab on a few misses before finding what works best for you, it is truly a case of trial and error. When the day finally comes and you find your Holy Grail…make sure to stock up as you’ll be devastated if it gets discontinued!

The very first red lipstick that I ever tried was Mac’s Matte Ruby Woo; which is actually THE best selling red lipstick on the market today. Ruby Woo came highly recommended by various pinups in the industry along with it being Dita Von Teese and Scarlett Johansson favorite as well…

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