197February 13th – 21st of this year, Ian and I had the pleasure of taking our second Hawaiian vacation at Disney Aulani. Before I share with you our wonderful trip from this year, I thought I would share with you a throwback to our trip we took at Aulani in 2013. Just a side note, looking back at my 2013 photos makes me very thankful for the better resolution with the new iPhones.

In 2013 we stayed in a one bedroom Disney Vacation Club villa. The room was very roomy and we enjoyed having the full kitchen to make some meals in the room each day. It also has a full size washer and dryer.

Some of the activities we enjoyed at Aulani this trip were the lazy river, and an interactive game you can play around the resort with something the size of an ipod touch (seen below) which we saw on our trip February 2015 they have been upgraded to tablet size.

Ian and I have a traveling Pooh that goes with us on our adventures (even before Mickey let us in on his traveling bear, Duffy. We have good idea?!) and you can see him relaxing in the room in one of the photos below. Pooh has been on several Cruises, Disney World and has just returned from his second trip to Aulani. What a lucky bear.


We have a Pooh that loves to travel with us. He decided to enjoy the view on this living room accent chair.
Dinning room and Kitchen view


View from the balcony of our villa
View of the lazy river from our balcony
View from dinner at AMA AMA our favorite place to eat at Aulani
Interactive game to play around the resort
Ian and me with Mickey at their character breakfast
Me and Goofy at the character breakfast. They pretty much ignore you if you do not have kids at your table. I barely grabbed goofy for a photo as we were leaving the restaurant.


Soon I will be sharing with you about our recent trip, and some of the changes that Disney has made to the resort, such as more food options.

Thanks for reading and stopping by.


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