1. Royal Apothic Tinties Lip Butter in Pink
  2. Rituals Cosmetics Foaming Shower Gel Sensation in Yogi Flow
  3. Julep Color Treat in Heartleigh
  4. Teadora Nourishing Beauty Bar in Rainforest at Dawn
  5. Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner February Glossy Box

The February GlossyBox arrived while I was on vacation last month, and I was excited to open it when I got home. Sadly, my surprise was not existent since Glossybox themselves leaked what all the products in the box were going to be. None the less, I was interested in trying a few of them out and seeing what these products are all about. If you remember, I was very happy that no nail polish arrived in my January box, of course that was short-lived, and another nail polish arrived. BOO! Why a nail polish each month? It’s not polish box. My favorite item in this months box was the Rituals Foaming Shower gel. This is a full size shower gel with great lather and scent. My least favorite (besides more polish) is the Unwash bio cleansing conditioner. I used this cleansing conditioner, which is supposed to replace shampoo and conditioner, last week for the first time. I hated it! I will add that if you are used to using a shampoo that lathers (traditional) than just trying this product might be a little strange for you. The consistency is like a lotion and you need to have your hair very saturated with water before you apply. I currently use WEN so the idea of no shampoo is something I am used to, but this is no WEN. This left my hair feeling dry and lifeless. Now my husband has an expense new hair product, because I will not use this again, or give it to anyone else. Thankfully Ian (my husband) has very short buzzed hair, so I do not think any of the negatives will effect him. He used it the last few days and I have gotten no complaints. The pink lip butter is a very bright and fun shade, but the tub is so small you cannot effectively use your finger, so you need a lip brush to apply. The teadora beauty bar is nice, but probably not something I would have purchased on my own (or again) with the vast selection of beauty bars at the store.


March will be my last glossy box. I went ahead and cancelled my subscription today. Here are my main reasons for canceling:

Too many of the same products each month

I do not need so many hair products. I just now looked back at past blogs and I have received 5 hair products in 6 boxes. Hair products, such as, leave in conditioner last a decent amount of time, so why send me a hair oil and then two months later a leave in? Let us use up one and send us something else. Yesterday I saw a sneak peak of the March box on glossy boxes instagram, and guess what, there was some sort of hair product again!

Not enough make up

Each month we get at least one make up item, with make up being such a wide category (lip, eyes, blush, liners) why not give two make up products each month and just diversify between catagories? Some of my favorite products have been the make up. I really loved that So Susan Blush from the November Glossy Box and the mineral lipstick from the December Box.

Things I did like

Their packaging of the boxes was amazing, very cute and the boxes have been great to reuse. I also really liked trying new brands that I probably would have never heard of if it wasn’t for being a subscriber. Possibly Glossy Box is something a girl should do for about 6 months, and then move onto another type of box. I am thinking of giving ipsy a try. It’s half the price and seems to have a lot of make up.




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