It’s the last day of our cleaning. How is it going? If you are not done, don’t fret. Give yourself time to go at your own pace.

Day Seven

Family and or Living Room –

Do the same as listed in previous posts for windows and window covered.

Wipe down all surfaces and dust all decor. Make sure you dust wall art as well. While dusting decor decide what is worth staying and depart with items no longer wanted.

Update a few photos in your frames with something new.

Vacuum cushions and spot clean if necessary.

Launder throw pillows and blankets.

Now just a few little tasks to do around the house.

Miscellaneous home task list

  • Go thru DVD’s and donate no longer watched movies
  • Go thru CDs (if you have any) and burn them to your computer

I hope you are enjoying your fresh and clean home. Have any cleaning tips? Comment them below!


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