Today we will focus on your home office, craft and or kids toys. Pick the ones that apply to you and let’s get started.

Day Six

Home office – If you don’t have a home office, I am sure you have some area of your home designated to your paperwork, computer, or what not. Focus on that area today, no matter how large or small. My home office is the next room that I plan on finish decorating, since it has been in a bit of a long remodel after my Grandma lived with us (and has since passed away) and it then became a guest room, and then the guest room, was moved and now we have our office in the room in the front of our home. Wow, that was a lot to explain. I won’t be showing many photos of my office today, since they will soon be featured on my Robinson Disneyland House Home Tour.

Let’s get to work.

Weather permitting, open all the windows in your office. Clean the windows, wipe clean the tracks and wash the window covering, either with a damp towel, or in the washing machine, depending on what coverings you have in the area. We have shutters in our office, so once again I am scrubbing these bad boys and trying my best to make them look like new.

Desk – On by one clean out your desk drawers. Make yourself a trash, shred, and donate pile. You might also need to make a pile for filing. Sometimes things can be shoved in a desk drawer that don’t belong. Here is your chance to set things straight. Now that your drawers are cleaned, let’s move to the top of the desk.

Take everything off your desk and give it a dusting, or use product if needed. I have a glass top on my desk, so I use a glass cleaner to remove smudges and fingerprints. Dust monitor and electronics with a duster, such as a Swiffer. Remove anything that is not used often from your desk top.

Bookshelf – Let’s go through those books and decide what are keepers, and which ones we can donate. Dust any knick knacks you might have on display, and donate the ones that are no longer something you enjoy.

File Folders – Remember that filing pile? Here is a great tip on how to manage paperwork from one of my favorite blogs, A Bowl Full of Lemons. I started using her binder method years ago, but now I have gotten lazy and need to update my folders, and add to them. Today I am going through my file folders and setting things aside to be shredded. Perhaps a user guide to an item we don’t even have anymore?!

For more information on what to put in your file folders, visit this great blog post from ABFOL.

I have a closet that has become a major dumping ground in my home office. Today is the day I start to tackle that disaster, but since it is mainly going to end up being a craft (knitting) project, so I will talk about that in a bit.

Deep cleaning

  • Don’t forget to clean under and behind your desk. This might also be a good time to consider cable management solutions.
  • Clean the bottom of your office chair, that always seems to get overlooked
  • Clean your ceiling fan if applicable
  • Sweep, mop or vacuum this room. While you have the vacuum out, vacuum your office chair, and any other sitting furniture you might have.

Toys – I don’t have toys at my home, but I know most homes do. Go through your kids toys and put them in 5 piles

  • Donate – toys that are no longer played with are sure to make someone else happy
  • Clean – some toys are machine washable or dishwasher safe. Otherwise use a baby wipe, or disinfectant wipe and get these toys clean again
  • Trash – this might be an art project that’s hiding in the bottom of the toy box that has seen better days, or a toy that was too loved that isn’t even worth donating (and isn’t going into your attic as a keepsake)
  • Attic/keepsake – Nothing is wrong with wanting to keep a few special toys that your children no longer play with, but might want to remember the memory at another time.
  • Missing pieces – any toys that are missing pieces put together and perhaps later today, or another time you can try to see if the matching pieces are in the same box. Also through any rouge pieces into this box while you are clean and maybe you can once again have a complete set/toy.

Some sorting ideas for toys might be something like this, which is inexpensive and can be bought at Target or online at Amazon. The cubes come in several colors and can be easily changed our when your kids taste change. I had bought this for toys awhile back, and then it moved into the guest room.


Craft Room/Storage – When we first moved into our home I used to have a craft room, it was great, but I found that I didn’t use it as much as I would have liked and have downgraded myself into a craft closet in my office. This has been on my project list for quite awhile, and I have been pinning several things on pinterest to prepare for my new area. This is the first project I will tackle when I get back from my vacation, but I still need to get it cleaned out and prepared for it’s make over.

Today, I emptied my office closet, and purged away. I had four piles (or boxes)

  • Craft
  • Office
  • Trash
  • Donate

The main problem with my craft closet now it that there are not clear boundaries of where the office supplies and items end and the craft ones start. Here is a photo of my “clean” closet and I will be posting a true after photo when the closet is updated when we return. It’s going to be pretty fabulous and I cannot wait to show it to you.

  A few other things to do around your home today

  • Clean the rest of the ceiling fans around your home
  • Sweet and mop and hard surfaces that you have not done during the challenge
  • vacuum

My reviews and cleaning plans are pure advice and you should check your cleaning labels, and manufacturers instructions for all your products and appliances. I am not endorsed by any of the products I recommend.


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