I was planning on having a day we spent outside as part of our Spring Cleaning 7 day challenge, but decided that I myself didn’t have the time and energy to tackle anything outdoors, so you probably don’t either. I will be posting a Spring Cleaning Bonus day for the outdoors next month. Let’s just keep our focus indoors. Today we will be doing laundry and dinning room.

Day Five


Laundry Room – Let’s clean up our laundry room, who wants clean clothes in a dirty area, gross. When you are done cleaning the laundry room, I have a great idea, go sort and do some laundry!

I keep my cleaning supplies in my laundry room, so wherever yours happen to be, lets go through them. Sometimes we are guilty of having too many cleaners, condense your kit if you can. Basically in a cleaning kit you need.

Wipe the front of your cabinetry in the laundry area. Go through the cabinets and take note of any items you might need to restock. I keep my toilet paper, paper towels and tissue boxes in my laundry room. If you have a wash room sink, give it a good scrub and shine the faucet.

Using your all purpose cleaner wipe down the outside of your washer and dryer. If your washing machine has any removable parts (like where the soap goes) remove them and give them a good cleaning as well.

Wipe down the inside of the washing machine, you might also want to consider using a washing machine cleaner such as this.

If you aren’t doing any laundry today, wash the lint trap of your dryer with soap and water. Possible give it a soaking in warm water and soap. Let is dry overnight. If you plan on doing laundry today, just make this your last step of the day.

Sweet, and mop your laundry room floor.

Dinning Room –

Do the same as listed in previous posts for windows. I do not have any windows in my dining room, so I get to skip this step. Wipe down table and chairs, vacuum seat cushions of dinning chairs and spot clean if necessary. Dust all surfaces in this room, hutches, cabinets and so on. Don’t forget to dust your chandelier. Dust any displayed china or serving dishes along with any art that might be displayed on your walls. Clean out your china cabinet, hutch or server and wipe down the inside and outside. Decide if the items you are storing are worth keeping. Perhaps we have more to add to your donate box. Maybe you found something you forgot you even had.

Wash any place mats, tablecloths, napkins and so on.

Now just a few extra tasks to do around the house.

  • Get some laundry done
  • Replace all smoke detector batteries

 My reviews and cleaning plans are pure advice and you should check your cleaning labels, and manufacturers instructions for all your products and appliances. I am not endorsed by any of the products I recommend.


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