Similar to bathrooms today’s task length will depend on your home size. So if you have several bedrooms and can’t do them all today, split today in two and just do one or two at a time.

Day Four

Bedrooms – Once again weather permitting lets open all the windows and let in some fresh air. Wipe down the window tracks and wash any curtains that are machine washable and/or wipe down blinds. Strip your beds and wash all your bedding, including comforters. Clean any ceiling fans that are in these rooms. I use the swiffer duster with the long extension handle. While your sheets, comforter and possibly curtains are being washed let’s finish the rest of your bedroom. Start by emptying your nightstand drawers and wipe the outside and inside of the drawers. Go through these items and sort them into piles such as, trash, donate or put back. Neatly put everything back into its place. I use small baskets inside my nightstand drawers to help with sorting smaller items, such as lotion, lip balm and so on. Take everything off your night stands and clean the surface. Perhaps reorganize and reconsider what you have on your nightstands. It is useful or just something that gets in the way? Wipe down or dust other surfaces in the room, while we are dusting, dust photos and wall art.

Dresser drawers – Drawer by drawer empty each (perhaps dump it on your bare bed) and sort into three piles, trash, donate and put away. Ask yourself while you are putting the items away, does this still fit? If I were shopping today, would I buy this item? If the answer is No, most likely it should not go in your put away pile. Your donate box might be getting full, so let’s take a break and take  some donations to the garage, or better yet your car to take to a donation center later. This is also a good time to check on your laundry. Nothing is worse than getting so into your cleaning that you get behind in switching your loads of laundry.

When you are putting your keep pile away in your dresser, perhaps you might want to take note if drawer organizers would help you. You might already be using some, if not they are especially handy for underwear and socks. I bought mine at the dollar store, but places like Ikea also have a great selection. Are you someone who wears pantyhose? When putting away your stockings, place each pair in a sandwich bag. This really helps with going through your hose to find your perfect pair.


Closet – The dreaded closet. Depending on how large your wardrobe is, this can take all day. Here are some tips for the closet. Get organizers! I use this purse organizer, (I also have larger purses in another section of my closet) and jewelry organizer. The small baskets above are from the dollar store and hold knitted items, small purses and wallets, and hats. Our Mickey ears and Ian’s newsboys caps I hung up for easy access but it also reminds you to wear them.

Dirty clothes tips, get a hamper for dry cleaning if you don’t already do so. This is so much better that having a pile of clothing heaping in your closet or bedroom corner. I got a mesh hamper from the dollar store for this, so it doesn’t have to be an expensive addition to your bedroom/closet.

When sorting through your clothes you can either put them away by color, or by item. I prefer by item. I have a dress section, tops, pants, skirts, and jackets/sweaters. You can see in the above photo I have a dress in the front, and not with the other dresses, that is just because that is what I had picked out to wear that day and wanted to be able to grab it quickly. Hanging things is a must for my closet and I have placed hooks on the back of my closet door to hang the purse I am currently using and what not. When placing your clothing items away, ask your self the same questions we did for the drawers; Does this item fit? If I was shopping today would I buy this? When done in the closet, sweep or vacuum.

Now that you have your flooring devises out. Sweep, mop or vacuum your bedroom. Make up your bed with your clean linens and enjoy a good nights sleep tonight, you earned it.

Now just a few little tasks to do around the house.

Miscellaneous home task list

  • Replace all smoke detector batteries burnt out light bulbs
  • Empty all household trash cans and clean them inside and out
  • Clean all glass surfaces and mirrors in your home (besides bathrooms because you just did that!)

My reviews and cleaning plans are pure advice and you should check your cleaning labels, and manufacturers instructions for all your products and appliances. I am not endorsed by any of the products I recommend.


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