Did you start your spring cleaning yesterday? If not, no fear, you have time to get it done. On the days that the list might be to long to manage, just split it in two. After all even two weeks to a clean and organized home is a wonderful and accomplishment.


Day two

Today we are going to focus on the kitchen. After you make dinner tonight and are loading the dishwasher and what not, take the time to do the following:

Grab a discard box, you will probably need it.

Weather permitting, if you have windows in your kitchen why not open them now. The fresh air will help while you are in your kitchen cleaning frenzy. This is also a good opportunity to clean these windows, dust the window tracks and wipe down any blinds, or shutters. If you have machine washable curtains, throw them in the washing machine now. I cleaned my shutters today in my kitchen, and wow, they were much dirtier than I expected. Very glad they are clean again.

Remove everything off your countertop and give it a good scrub. While moving your items decide. Do I really use this often and does it belong on my counter? If not, either donate, or find room for it in your cabinets.

Speaking of cabinets let’s open them all up and take a good look. Take everything out and re arrange it in a more orderly fashion. Especially things like cups, and bowls can start to be a mess because we do not put them away correctly and everything starts to be a huge mess.

If you have a large kitchen and this seems to be a bit overwhelming to you, then just pick one or two cabinets to focus on.

I have a hard time putting away my pots and pans correctly, and they end up in a mismatched mess of lids and pans. Take them all out and put them away in an order where the ones you use the most are up front and not used in back and so on.

Did you start your dishwasher from dinner? If not, start it now. We might be using it in a bit.

You finished the cabinets now what… you need to do the drawers. I know this is killer but it needs to be done. Get rid of those gadgets that are broken, and/or never use. Throw them out or in your discard box.

A few years ago I started keeping my most used spices in the drawer next to my stove top. This is very convenient for cooking, here is a similar drawer organizer like the one I use.


Get on a step stool and dust the top of your fridge. Do you have anything you display up there? Now is the time to clean it. Do you have some items that are looking grubby? Put them in your sink. When the dinner dishes are done, put them away in your clean cabinets and drawers and load up the items that have been lurking in your cabinets and are now full of dust or grime in your dishwasher.

Next wipe down the outside and inside of your microwave. If you have stuck on stains try using a half of a lemon in a bowl of water and microwave it for 45 seconds. It should help make the caked on mess easier to wipe off. Remember we don’t want to use toxic cleaners, especially in the kitchen, so read the labels of your cleaners. I like to use doterra on guard cleaner just about everywhere, or I use a cleaner I made from Pinterest that you can find here. Keep microwaving the lemon and water anywhere from 30-45 seconds at a time if you need more steam cleaning power. Don’t microwave it too long or it might burst (speaking from personal experience here)

Wipe down your stove top, and if your knobs and other parts are removable and dishwasher safe, put them in sink to have a wash in the next dishwasher cycle.

If your dinner dishes aren’t done in the dishwasher yet, you just earned yourself a break! If they are then unload and now load the dishwasher with your next load, but don’t start it just yet. Now it a great time to give your kitchen sink a nice scrub. When you are done, either throw your sponges away and start fresh, or if you don’t have another sponge handy at the moment throw it in the dishwasher. Also put your sink stopper, and any other items that are dishwasher safe that you keep near your sink (maybe a bottle brush?) and put it in the dishwasher and go ahead and start it. Now you can start fresh in the morning with everything in your kitchen nice and clean.

One last thing, wipe down all your cabinets and drawers. Don’t forget to wipe down the front of your oven, fridge, dishwasher and so on.

Some last minute notes, last time I was at Lowes they had both washing machine and dishwasher cleaning solutions (dishwasher cleaner listed below) that you might want to add to your next shopping trip. Don’t forget our appliances that we use to clean, also need to be cleaned. Recently I started using the scrub daddy (as seen on Shark Tank) and this is great for the kitchen. You can use it to scrub stuck on messes off your coutners and stove without scratching, and on your pots and pans.

If you are still in the cleaning mood, here are some bonus spring cleaning kitchen tasks:

  • Clean out fridge and freezer
  • Clean oven (either with self cleaning or any other cleaning method you usually use)
  • Wash and sanitize cutting boards
  • Sharpen knives
  • Clean and organize pantry
  • Check food expiration dates in pantry and fridge
  • Use a dishwasher cleanser
  • Clean non dishwasher safe bottles with disinfecting tabs, like efferdent. Also works great to get tea and coffee stains out of mugs. I buy a knock off version at the dollar store and always keep them on hand for sports bottles and stains.

I am in no way paid for any of my reviews, just trying to share some of my favorite cleaning and organizing tips.


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