I know technically it is still winter, but it is never to early in my mind to get a head start on spring cleaning. Next week I am leaving for a much needed 8 day vacation to Hawaii, where me and my husband will be celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary. While I am packing and trying to get a handle on household chores in preparation for our departure; I am trying to organize and figure out what must stay, and what needs to go around our home. What better time to clean out our drawers and clothes, then when you are packing for a trip?

Our church holds an annual rummage sale, and the bins are ready to be filled. This is even more motivation for me to clean up around my house and donate my discard pile for the sale. Knowing the sale was approaching I have been collecting things and storing them in the garage, now that I can drop them off what a great time to get the garage cleaned out. I know many people dread cleaning and organizing, but I find it as therapeutic and it helps me relax and keep me mind at ease.

While you de-clutter why not deep clean. Starting today I will be sharing with you a daily deep cleaning list that will have your home spotless in one week and hopefully more manageable.

I am starting mine today, as well, so that when I leave next Friday my house will be left in tip top shape, and I can fully unwind on my trip.

We will start day one slow and steady, so that hopefully this is something you can even accomplish after work and before bed and should take you maybe 30-60 minutes.

Day one:

Coat closet – Go through old coats, perhaps you have someone else’s coat in your closet that was left behind and needs to be returned (I know I do!) Decide which coats stay and which coats need to be donated. Perhaps wash coats that have been sitting for awhile, or drop them off at the dry cleaners.

Discard of any items that do not belong in your coat closet, and find them a new home.

Make sure you have an adequate amount of good condition hangers for guests coats.

Entry way/mud room – If you have an area like this in your home, give it a dusting. Also, stop and take a look at this area and decide if any of the décor is no longer to your liking. Perhaps start a pinterest board for new ideas. Whenever I deep clean I also develop a project list. Will your entry way mud room make it to your project list? Or does it just need a quick dusting and clean up?

Maybe you don’t have a coat closet or a mud room in your home. That’s ok. Pick a closet, or even a drawer of your choosing tonight and give in a good go through.

Now poor yourself a glass of wine (or tea) put your feet up and be proud that you are one day down to having a more organized home.

Now off I go to clean my coat closet, and entry way. My entry way is on my project list. So afterwards I think I will be having some pinterest time!


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