Be our Guest!


Welcome to our second post of my Disneyland house tour. Today I will be focusing on the guest bedroom, which is Fantasyland themed. Our guestroom is painted my absolute favorite color, baby pink. I am a huge pink fan so to have a pink room in my house is something very exciting. The wall border and valance are actually part of a Disney Princess Nursery collection. The black and white photo is similar to the one in my, Little Mermaid Guest bath, and is something that I made at Costco online and then framed with an ikea frame. It features rides such as; Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and the original tea cups, just to name a few. You can click on the above photo to get a larger view.

Fantasyland Collage and wall borderWe have a queen size sleep number bed in the guestroom, so our guests can find their own sleep number and hopefully have a restful sleep. The throw pillows on the bed are from the Disney Store online, as well as the Alice in Wonderland bedside lamp, and the Cheshire Cat vase. The scentsy is the cupcake warmer, which sadly had it’s cupcake top broken. The poster over the bed was from my niece’s bedroom, and we just had it framed after she changed her room theme and gifted it to us. To the left of the bed has two frames from ikea. One just says, “Be Our Guest” and the other is a photo of my niece as Snow White for her first Halloween. The art on the right is also part of the Disney Princess nursery collection, same as the wall border and valance. This theme is out now in a similar pattern, but this exact one has since been discontinued.
Be our guest and Snow White photos

Cheshire cat vase, Alice in Wonderland lamp Fantasyland guestroomOur Mulan blind is from a Disney 3 day blind collection that we bought in 2007. Below you can see how the shade looks both open and closed. I  adore this shade, it’s a fun way to spruce up a window and shows on of my favorite leading Disney ladies.

Mulan window shade openMulan Shade closedOur fantasyland shields were bought also from the Disney store and feature, The Matterhorn, Snow White, Peter Pan and Mr. Toad’s wild ride, which are all attractions in Fantasyland.

Four Fantasyland Shields

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Peter Pan

Snow White

Mr. Toad
No guestroom would be complete without a well stocked closet. Inside the closet I have varies items a guest might forget, like extra brushes and combs and deodorant. It is also important for guests to have a place to but their belongings, so we have adequate hangers and the pink cubes are empty so our guest can have a place to stash their things that they want out of sight. I also use this area to place things that people forget, so I can easily grab them next time they come over, like my sister in laws weights that she brought over the last time we worked out. I used to collect Longaberger baskets, and this is where I keep all my pink baskets. I hope you enjoyed our Fantasyland Guest room, won’t you, Be Our Guest?

Guestroom Closet


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