Last weekend I co-hosted a baby shower at my home for a dear friend of mine, Susie. This is her first baby and her nursery theme is, Safari sports. We did a sport theme for her shower and everyone had a great time showering Susie with love and presents. For food we had a nacho and hot dog bar. We wanted to have foods that you would expect at a sporting event. We also had fruit and vegetables for those trying to keep their New Years resolutions. For dessert we had sprinkles cupcakes. If you order the cupcakes online you can choose a special design (per dozen not per cupcake) and we had a dozen baseballs and one dozen baby bottles. Our goody bags (AKA Fan Appreciate gifts) had, big league chew, cracker jacks and either a small assortment of sports themed relaxation balls, or a sports themed rubber ducky. I put them all in these really cute popcorn bags.

I hung these sport themed babies clothes for decorations. It turned out so cute. I also had these baseball booties out, but forgot to snag a photo.




Congratulations Susie and welcome baby Winter!

(Susie’s last name is Winter and she’s not devolving the first name till after he is born)


Susie and me with our baby shower selfie


My co-host Jessica snacking away (and a great view of some of our sprinkles cupcakes)


Here is close up of our water bottle wrappers


Above is the goody bag and below is an example of the contents inside 



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