Rain Washed by Sherwin – Williams

As promised, I am starting a year-long blog tour through my Disneyland themed house. To kick off the New Year, I will start by welcoming you as a guest into my home give you a tour of our Little Mermaid Guest Bathroom. Ariel is one of my favorite Disney Princess. I love her so much, that I sport her red hair, and have a tattoo of her on my left thigh. It would seem fitting to have a whole room dedicated to her in my home. Last January we re decorated this bathroom, that was previously all Disney Princesses, to focus on the one and only Ariel. I also picked Ariel because The Little Mermaid ride is my favorite ride and Disney California Adventure, and I wanted to give DCA some kind of shout out in our Disney house.

When we first moved into our home in 2007, we didn’t do much decorating in this room. We used most of the decorations from our previous guest bath. I was so tired of the while walls that one day I even used left over paint from another room and painted on wall, just to give it a little kick. Now it was time to cover my pink left over mess and say good-bye to all those “builder white” walls. We painted the bathroom a lovely shade of blue-green, called Rain Washed by Sherwin Williams. I love the way the color came out, and how calm and peaceful it made the bathroom feel. Next we replaced the frosted lamps on the light fixture with clear lamps that have the look of being wet with water. Perfect for an under the sea theme. To update our standard builder mirror, we did a pinterest pin! We bought tiles from Lowes (on sale even) and used glue to tape them around the mirror. The results are fabulous. It has been a year since we did this project and it still looks just as fabulous as day on. Here is the pin I used for the project.

Mirror upgrade / update
Under the Sea Bathroom

For the artwork and décor in the bathroom, I found in expensive and fun ways to achieve my look. I had the large shell shown on the counter in another room (Disney Cruise) and decided it was better to repurpose it for this room. I bought small glass containers (shown on each side of my scentsy and the blue on next to the candle holder) at the dollar store, and filled them up with Epsom salts and hotel soaps. Another way to make any room seem more grand it to replace all the outlet covers with covers with more detail. I found these white covers and Lowes and bought them for the outlets, and light switches.



My Ariel figurine was bought on amazon along with the side tissue holder. The shells I had from a back of shells I bought years back. My Little Mermaid ride art piece was printed at Costco and the frame was bought from ikea. I bought a small jar of Underseas from Sherwin-Williams and painted the white mat that came with the frame. It was a very inexpensive way to add unique one of a kind art work. The photos are just snapshots that I have taken when we ride the attraction, or that I found online. I took it off the wall to get a better photo.


My ships wheel was previously in our Disney Cruise room, but really liked the rustic feel of it for the Little Mermaid bath. Like a treasure that Ariel would have with her whos its and whats its galore. I found my Little Mermaid shower curtain from Macy’s online. The silver Mickey Mouse hooks are something that I already had from the previous décor. Above the commode I placed a white shelf, which displays some bath products from our last trip to Disney Aulani. The poster from the ride I had printed from a photo at Costco and just framed it with a silver frame I had. The shell jewelry box is something I bought years ago on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas. The greenery is a faux plant I scored on my Ikea trip. The picture above the shelf I bought at Disney California Adventure and had it framed there as well.



little mermaid bath

 I hope you enjoyed my Little Mermaid Bath! Next month I will be showing you my Fantasyland Guest Room.


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