I mentioned last week that I was on the search for a long-lasting ultra pink lipstick since my Sephora, cute pink was a bust. I ordered the red and pink velvetines from Lime Crime and they arrived very quickly.  After I have now tried this much raved about Lime Crime Red Velvet, I can report that I will stick to my, Always red by Sephora. The lime crime is very drying and even though the matte velvet is beautiful, I have been wearing it for three days straight and my lips are not feeling so great.

But my order wasn’t a total let down because I do like the pink velvet (even though it is drying) due to it being the boldest, longest lasting, pink I have found thus far. I will compromise the dryness until I find something that lasts as well as and is as bold as this. When I was at Sephora last they did not have Forever Fuchsia which seems to be closest  to pink velvet. I will have to see if it is in on my next trip there. With my lime crime order I ordered a regular lipstick too, so that review will be coming soon.

Anyone have suggestions on long-lasting bold lips?

Wearing Pink Velvet


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