I love a bold red lip, the only problem is when it doesn’t last through the day and needs to be constantly re-applied. If you are a red lipstick lover, you might also have the problem of the lipstick bleeding and transferring on every coffee mug, and wine glass you come across. Sephora is one of my favorite make up stops and my favorite item I’ve purchased to date is Sephora cream lip stain in always red. You can purchase this lip stain in store, or online for $13.00. My favorite things about this product are how well it lasts, the richness of color and also that it doesn’t dry out my lips. I can wear it several days in a row with no cracking, or dryness on my lips. Since I was in love with my always red I decided to add another color and purchased, cute pink. I found that the pink wasn’t opaque enough for me, and am still on the search for a long-lasting pink.

First applied around 2 pm


I have also heard rave reviews on lime crimes velvetines line and that the color is bold and  long-lasting. I ordered two yesterday (pink and red) for $20.00 each. I am hoping their pink is more to my liking. I cannot wait to try it.

Later that night after eating, and having several glasses of wine (and water too of course)



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