Start of the day selfie. Make up done by my sister in law, Alana

Two of my favorite things are Disney and Pin up Girl Clothing, so Sunday’s Pin up Parade at Disneyland was something I could not miss. This summer was the first Pin up Parade, and I attended but it was so hot we were not able to make it to any of the meet ups! I spent the whole afternoon lounging in Cathay Circle enjoying Manhattans, and air conditioning, which wasn’t a bad day either. What is the pin-up parade you might ask, well Pin up Girl clothing line tells their adoring fans and customers know via social media that they will be at Disneyland at a certain day and time. With this announcement they give you a schedule of when and when you can meet and greet with them throughout the day and also have a chance to win some great prizes with their trivia game. This event was not Disneyland sponsored but “hosted” so to speak, by Pin up Girl clothing line, and a regular park entrance ticket would get you to the event. This Pin up Parade, we arrived shortly after the first meet up at 10:00 am (took about 15 minutes more than normal to park and get to the park and we missed the group photo) in front of the Castle, but that is where I met my pin-up gal pal, Jessica.

Me and Ian on the tram
Me and Jessica in some Pin Up Girl clothing line attire

After our castle photo-op, we rode Alice in Wonderland. Did you know that earlier this year the ride was refurbished? Here is a great side by side of the old ride, and the improved ride. It was my first time riding since the change and I loved it! I felt it was just enough of the old ride to make it feel classic, but with some new technology thrown in. After Alice, Ian (my husband) and I grabbed a quick bite while Jessica and her family rode, It’s a Small World. The main things I wanted to do on Sunday was get a Pin up Girl goodie bag, ride Alice in Wonderland, ride Haunted Mansion Holiday, and get a photo with Doris Mayday. With one thing down Ian and I jumped in line for Haunted Mansion. On the walk from Alice to Mansion I was spotted by some lovely Pin up Girl ladies who handed me a goodie bag! Score! Haunted Mansion was also the next location of the Pin up Girl meet up, so it would be perfect timing for us exiting the ride and be in the area. Last year I did not get a chance to ride Haunted Mansion Holiday, and I always look forward to the little things they add and tweak each year to The Nightmare Before Christmas inspired attraction. Excited to see two years worth of haunted mansion updating, the attraction did not disappoint. Want to get your own Haunted Mansion Holiday fix? Watch the 2014 video here.

Jessica, Doris, Me 🙂

While waiting for the Pin Up Girl ladies to show up, I meet a new pin-up friend, Breanne, and was able to see a sweet gal I meet at the hair class, Stephanie. Meeting up at the Haunted Mansion made quite a bottle neck for people who were not trying to be part of our meet up, but just trying to buy some popcorn, or make their way to the restroom (sorry people!) and Disneyland employees quickly told us we needed to move it along somewhere else. We ended up moving in from of the Rivers of America, and it made a much easier spot to hear the Pin up Girl employees read the Disneyland Trivia. The trivia questions the ladies had were super hard, but it was worth it if you knew the answer because they were giving away $25 – $100 bucks a question! Cha-Ching! After trivia time the ladies lingered around for a meet and great. Now my pin-up day was completed. Photo with the lovely and sweet Doris Mayday.

As we were walking out of the park we stopped into the shops on Main Street to look around. Much to my surprise they have they had the Ariel Alex and Ani Bangle Bracelet that I had been wanting! What a fabulous end to my Disney day.


Thank you Pin up Girl clothing for another wonderful Pin Up Parade


3 thoughts on “My Day at the Disneyland Pin Up Parade

  1. Wow, that’s awesome. I’ve never heard of the Disney Pin-up Parade. What a brilliant idea. Love your pictures too!


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