Have you started the 31 day purge? In my last purge post I left you at Day 10. Here are days 11 – 16.

A Bowl Full of Lemons, 31 day purge list 11-16

Freezer food is something that I needed to purge in my life. My husband and I go to Dream Dinners each month, and when we bring home our meals, we often do not have room for them. When we went this month I decided it was time to submit to the purge, and get it done. I took everything out of my freezer and purged anything that I could not recall when I bought it, or what it was. So gross. My freezer is divided into 4 sections (two pull out drawers and the two compartments below them). I now have compartments dedicated to meat, fruits and vegetables (and dream dinners sides) Dream Dinners, and a whatever it left compartment. After purging the freezer I was able to store all my Dream Dinners and also had a better handle on what fruits and vegetables I had been hoarding in there.

31 day purge

I did medication on the same day as my Tupperware because they are kept in the same cabinet. Since it is just the two of us, we don’t need much medication on hand and it fits in one container. Behind it is our emergency kit, which is in a tackle box and holds bandages and so forth. I did find some expired medications to toss, and only a few Tupperware. The main thing was keeping my lids and bottoms together and having them in an orderly fashion to quickly grab and use. I love shopping at the dollar store (Dollar Tree and 99 cent only) and have bought some plastic containers there. They often have the name brands, like these Betty Crocker’s I was able to score yesterday. The small were 2 for $1.00 and the large was $1.00. These are great because I can use them to give to guests, or take a meal when someone needs one and I don’t have to worry about it being returned. As you can see in the photo, I use dollar store containers also to keep my k cups (top left of shelf) and to store my medications and essential oils (top right of shelf). The bottom is all Tupperware, or Pyrex.

For some reason I had a feeling that purses was going to be on the purge. Not sure why. I cheated and looked to see if she updated the blog last night before I headed to bed, and she did. It was PURSES. I didn’t purge any purses, but I did get them better organized. I have my large bags on the top shelf, and the smaller bags in this purse organizer I purchases from amazon.

31 day purge


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