Red Pin up Doll class
Red pin up doll, Tara Alexander in action

If you don’t follow Tara Alexander, The Red Pin Up Doll, on instagram, go do it now! She is a fabulous and very talented pin-up hair guru located in Southern California. I stumbled upon her IG account months ago when Doris Mayday tagged her hair stylist when she was sharing her hair recent cut and color. Tara works out of Synergy Hair salon in Orange County California and travels to varies places for photo shoots, classes and the like. Her hair class was Sunday October 5th at Nigel Beauty Emporium in North Hollywood.

At the class Tara showed us four different retro styles. A 40’s victory roll with bumper bangs, the glamorous waves look shown left, a page-boy, and modern red carpet waves. The first style, was the 1940’s style that Tara did flawlessly. My friend who attended with me, Jessica, mentioned that I looked like I was about to shed tears of joy upon seeing the final style. That was not far from the truth, I am dying to try this 1940’s bumper bangs style out! Tara told us which products to use and I was able to purchase most of them that day from the beauty supply store, and the rest I found on amazon. Another bonus to the class was Nicole from Nicococreations was there selling her beautiful flowers. During the class Tara was open to answering any questions and gave us several tips. She was very down to earth and personable. I had the pleasure of getting my hair done by her for Dapper Day last month and she did an amazing job. She is very gifted, super sweet and her experience is off the chain.

Daddy day do by Tara
My Dapper day do by Tara (photo from Tara’s instagram)
Close up on the finished look
Red Pin up doll class
Me and Jackie
After of model one
1940’s bumper bangs and victory rolls


Nigel haul
Nigel haul

Some of the products that Tara mentioned were; Suavecita Pomade (which I bought but is not in photo) Kenra hairspray and thermal spray, Big sexy hair powder play, and several different types of brushes and combs. Some things that I bought from amazon were the hair pins, and smaller barrel curling irons. I bought this three pack curling iron set that has a 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch barrel.   I found a large pack that of hair pins for the curls and  I am splitting with Jessica, who accompanied me to the class. The sad thing is, the pins are still not in! So I have yet to practice my pin curls and have been just sticking to my normal routine of wearing sponge curlers to bed each night.

I cannot wait to practice some of the tips that we learned at the class. There were many cosmetologist at the class, and being that me and Jessica are just everyday gals, it was A LOT of information. Towards the end my brain was full and even taking notes I know would not have helped me. That being said, I cannot wait to go to another one of Tara’s classes again in the future. I made some new friends, got to hang with my best friend and got to visit with Jackie, who I met on Dapper day (we were both at the salon getting our hair done by Tara) in September. I want to thank Jackie for letting me use one of her photos. You should follow her instagram well. She has been used in several hair tutorials, including a brand new video made by Suavecita. Of course the tutorial is by the one and only, Tara – The Red Pin up Doll.

Hair Flowers
Hair Flowers haul from Nicococreations
Me and Jessica taking a Selfie in Class


2 thoughts on “Red Pin Up Doll Hair Class

  1. I can’t wait to see what you and Jessica do with what you learned! Did you learn anything for people with short hair too? Hoping to grow mine to shoulder length… we’ll see. 🙂


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