31 Day Purge
A Bowl Full of Lemons – 31 Day Purge

In 2013 I came across A Bowl Full of Lemons on Pinterest while I was searching for some organization ideas to start off the year. Instantly I was hooked to her blog, A Bowl Full of Lemons, where she shares her house keeping advice and challenges. She has had many challenges over the years, but her most recent one is the 31 day purge. As soon as I read the blog post on October 3rd, I knew I had to catch up and join this challenge to get rid of some junk, better organize and de clutter my house. In my family  I am referred to as the “anti hoarder” so any excuse to get organize and donate or throw away things (especially when you live with someone who doesn’t throw anything out) is always up my ally.  You can start your own 31 day purge, at any time, but today is the 10th, so you can either catch up, or pick a few areas and by the end of the month have a clutter (or at least a little less) free home.

You can share your progress on the 31 day purge, or just motivation from others by following A Bowl Full of Lemons on instagram (also tag your photos #abfol31daypurge) or joining her Facebook Group Home Organization 101

The first days of the challenge have been:

  1. Pantry Food
  2. Magazines
  3. Dresser Drawers
  4. Toys
  5. Cleaners
  6. Make Up
  7. Shoes
  8. Car
  9. Bathroom Cabinets
  10. Bills

I started this last Friday, and was able to get the first three done in one day (such a great way to avoid doing some quizzes I needed to finish for my online course in Economics) and started with the dresser drawers. I did my husbands dresser drawers which went pretty quick. Lucky for me, his old car and driver magazines were in one of the drawers, so it was helpful with day 2’s task at the same time.

Task numero uno was the most daunting to do on day one, and the Pantry was the very first challenge that I did from A Bowl Full of Lemons in 2013. Once it got its original over haul it has been easier to keep up on it, but a few months of stuffing it full of half eaten chip bags can make it go from organized to unruly in no time.  The first things I did was take everything off the shelves and give them a good wipe down with a wet paper towel. Also, this was a great time to vacuum up crumbs and what not from the floor and give the floor a good mop since the contents that usually clutter up the bottom were removed. I find the last shelf (floor) of my pantry gets the messiest, and is also where I lose track of what is there since it is the most hidden. It wasn’t a huge purge but it was enough that my husband thanked me for cleaning the pantry when he got home that night and reached for his favorite snack.

Day 5 is cleaners. I have been trying to convert more to green cleaning like Toni talks about at A Bowl Full of Lemons. Recently my newest green cleaning has been using the doTerra On Guard Cleaner Concentrate. I have become essential oil savvy over the last 6 months or so and enjoy using them everyday. I am sure I will have an essential oil blog in the upcoming weeks. Whenever I use up an old cleaner, I try to resist the urge to replace it with the same thing, and instead use something with no chemicals and more natural.  Recently I made a fabric softener and wrinkle releaser. You can read all about it here.

Sunday I had the best day every and went to Red Pin Up Doll, Tara Alexendar’s pin-up hair class (which I cannot wait to tell you more about next week) with my friend Jessica. After a day of learning, shopping, and just some overall awesome girl time, I woke up Monday morning thinking… I need to clean out my hair products to make room for my new stuff! What perfect timing, because when I check A Bowl Full of Lemons that morning Make Up was the day 6 task! Day 9 was bathroom cabinets so I was able to get a head start on the purge without even trying. I went crazy and really went to town purging and organizing. On top of the 31 day purge, here is another Bowl Full of Lemon’s post about make up organization. So helpful!

I hope you are now inspired to check out A Bowl Full of Lemons and start your own 31 day purge.

Bathroom vanity before
Bathroom vanity before

Bathroom vanity after
Bathroom vanity after
Hair bows and flowers
Hair bows and flowers all started in dollar store containers, or re used boxes (like my glossy box seen on top)
Baby wipes are a must for the bathroom. Great for wiping off make up mistakes, or a quick counter clean up
Make up
Best Christmas present from my sister ever! This make up carousel is from QVC and is sadly not available at this time.


Hair products
Hair products are easily store in my bottom drawer in a dollar store bin. Easy to reach in and grab one, or life the whole bin out.
Hair curlers
My sponge hair curlers are in the canvas bag, you can see this drawer also holds my Caruso curlers. On the side under is my blow dryer and curling irons.
Brushes and combs
Brushes and combs are in my top right drawer. The red container (dollar store) is holding a rat for bumper bangs (haven’t tried it yet) and soon will also be filled with the hair clips I ordered for pin curls. The other containers inside hold bobby pins and hair ties.



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