My first Glossy Box
My first Glossy Box

I love pinterest, and I enjoy looking at the pins that my fellow pinners find. A few weeks ago I saw this pin about which monthly beauty subscriptions gave you the best bang for you buck. In the blog she reviewed three different beauty product subscriptions and her most favorable review was, Glossy Box. After reading the reviews on all the boxes I was convinced that Glossy Box had the most bang for your buck and decided to give it a go and sign up. The price is $21.00 a month, and can be cancelled anytime.

Glossy Box sent me tracking information on my box and I anxiously refreshed the information until it arrived on Friday. It felt like an extravagant birthday gift and I could not wait to rip into it. The box is very sturdy and I have already reused it (great for holding some of my hair flowers) when I was re organizing my bathroom vanity.

My September box included:

The first thing I tried was the lip tar. I found that it was super messy and very thick. It comes with a small brush to help apply it correctly.  A little of this product goes a long way, and I used too much and it never reached the “matte” look as advertised. I was however surprised that it was easy to remove with a baby wipe followed with my clarisonic before bed. I tested the mascara right away, and have been very pleased with it. The brush is unique with a 360 degree spike-like brush that gives your lashes separation. Here are some before and after photos showing how well a single coat of the mascara did on my small eyelashes.

No mascara
Right eye – No mascara

One coat of mascara
Left eye – One coat of mascara

I have been using the Vichy night cream around my eyes and smile line with my clarisonic opal each night and so far I am liking the results. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and the cream even smells expensive, and I can imagine someone like something you would expect the affluent Lovey Howell to use from Gillian’s Island. I have yet to try the conditioner or the nail polish, but I do like the nail polish color and the conditioner isn’t “girly” smelling so my husband will probably end up inheriting that.

Contents of Glossy Box
Contents of Glossy Box


Sign up for Glossy Box here

I am in no way affiliated with Glossy Box and paid full price ($21.00) for my monthly subscription


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